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ATM & VISA Check cards

Most checkbooks can only do one thing - checking.  Our Check card does this and much more.  Our Check card gives you a fast and convenient way to buy products and services you need.  That's because it allows you to purchase items, wherever VISA Debit cards are accepted, with your checking account without ever having to write out a check.  Plus, our Check card performs all the functions of an ATM card.  It's the checking, withdrawing, depositing, and transferring funds card all-in-one. 

Inquire with one of our tellers on how to get your Check card.  

Click Here to print out an application for a VISA ATM & Check card.

Here are some of the advantages of a check card:

  1. Check cards offer anytime, anyplace convenience.  They can be used anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted; which is more than 13 million merchants worldwide.

  2. Check cards are faster than using a check, and they save you from the hassle of writing checks at the point of sale or carrying a checkbook.  No ID is required to use one.

  3. Check cards save time and ATM surcharges.  Purchases made at the point of sale are not subject to surcharging.

  4. Check cards are safer than cash.  They eliminate the need to carry large amounts of cash since check cards can be used for any amount.  Daily limits do apply.

  5. Check card transactions are listed on your bank statement to track purchases.  This makes budgeting easier and gives you a more detailed record of purchases.

  6. Unlike with checks and cash, consumers have charge back rights when using check cards to make purchases.

  7. Many check cards are issued by community banks, which focus on the needs of local families, small businesses and farmers.

Get an extra layer of security when you shop online

In addition to our other ways of preventing, detecting, and resolving fraud, we offer Verified by Visa, a free, simple-to-use service that confirms your identity with an extra password when you make an online transaction.  To find out more click here.

If you would like to learn more about our check card, please give us a call in Parkston at 605-928-7991, in Kaylor at 605-583-4471 or contact us by e-mail at

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