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  Privacy and Security
How to Report A Fraud

If you feel you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, act immediately. This should help minimize the damage to your personal accounts and credit rating.

Report Fraud on your Farmers State Accounts
If you suspect fraud in connection with your Farmers State Bank accounts, contact us immediately at 605-928-7991 or by e-mail at

Check Fraud
Please contact us immediately if:

  • Your checks are lost or stolen or you did not receive your statement.
  • A check transaction appears on your statement that you do not recognize.
  • Your Advantage ATM or Check card is lost or stolen.
  • A Check card transaction appears on your statement that you do not recognize.

Credit Card
If your Farmers State Bank Elan credit card has been lost or stolen, please contact Elan immediately at 800.558.3424.

Email Fraud
If you believe you have received a suspicious email claiming to be affiliated with Farmers State Bank, forward it to us immediately at

Identity Theft
If you suspect that someone has gained access to important personal information such as your bankís account number or your social security number and may use that information for illegal purposes, immediately call us at 605-928-7991.

If you have been victimized by identity theft, it is very important that you contact the following agencies:

To Learn More About Identity Theft
Visit these sites to find out more about identity theft and ways to protect yourself:


FDIC Web Site

HUD Web Site