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Next Day Checks

Farmers State Bank can print your Personal or Business checks at our location in Parkston and have them ready for you the next day.

Our quality line of checks come in many convenient styles to fit your needs.  You should find the price generously less than you are accustomed to paying.  Plus, you can save additional money on postage, by picking up your checks at the bank.  If you pick up your checks, there are no shipping & handling charges.  If you need to have your checks mailed to you, we will ship them to you for a minimal charge.

Farmers State Bank checks offer you the safety and security missing with other check providers, your account information stays here with Farmers State Bank.  Your transactions need not come to a halt because you're low on checks.  Stop by or call and order your checks today.   They will be ready the next day, if needed.  No more waiting for weeks to receive your checks.

At Farmers State Bank, we are always looking for ways to better serve your personal and business needs.  Click below to view some samples of our checks:

Burgundy Marble Blue Marble Green Marble
Tan Parchment Blue Safety Green Safety
Patriotic Daisy Wildlife
(3 different designs per order)

Price Schedule
(tax not included)

Check Order Farmers State Bank Other Companies

150 Personal Checks

$ 12.00 $ 34.00
150 Duplicate Checks $ 18.00 $ 32.00
300 Business Checks $ 43.00 $ 50.00
300 Business Duplicates $ 53.00 $ 77.00
500 Laser Checks $ 96.00 $ 109.00

   *  Basic order prices are shown.  We offer other check designs whose prices may vary.

**  to mail out an order from Farmers State Bank an additional charge will be added

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