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Checking Accounts

If you are looking for a Regular Checking Account or an Interest Bearing Checking Account – we have a solution to meet your needs. The benefits of each checking account include:

  • No annual fee on your VISA/Advantage ATM & Check Card upon approval
  • Internet Banking
  • Setup automatic transfers to savings or a loan payment
  • Overdraft Protection can automatically transfer funds from your savings account or different checking account. Customers must request this feature.
  • Ready Reserve available upon credit approval. (an additional type of overdraft protection)
Let one of our Tellers help you determine which Checking Account best fits your needs.

Regular Checking Account

No minimum balance, no check writing limitations, non-interest bearing account.

SuperNOW Checking Account

Tiered interest bearing account, $1,000 minimum balance, $9.00 service charge if your balance falls below minimum.

Overdraft Protection

Farmers State Bank's Overdraft Protection program is your key to avoiding overdraft fees and embarrassing delays. We offer automatic transfers from one of your accounts to another to cover insufficient funds. Visit with one of our tellers to find out how you can take advantage of this time and money saving opportunity.

Ready Reserve

Farmers State Bank offers a different type of Overdraft Protection called Ready Reserve. Ready Reserve means that we have approved, in advance, a personal, unsecured loan that will advance and transfer funds to a customers’ checking account to prevent it from becoming overdrawn. It is designed to end complications, charges and embarrassing delays that result from an overdrawn checking account. Customers can use their good credit history to qualify for our plan, and their checking account can become a personal loan account. Customers can write their own loan any time you need extra money for personal expenses or an emergency. If you would like to discuss the Ready Reserve Account, stop in and see one of our loan officers to complete an application.