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Electronic Statements

Electronic Statements are electronic versions of your original paper statements that you would receive through our Online Banking service, rather than through the U.S. Mail. They look just like the paper statements, and contain the same images and information, yet you will receive them much sooner than before, usually on the day they are created.

There are some significant advantages in receiving your statements electronically:

  • Same Day Delivery- Will eliminate the one to four day waiting period.
  • Easy Storage- Electronic Statements can be stored virtually anywhere.  You can save them to a hard drive or any removable drive. 
  • Worldwide Access- Electronic Statements are delivered to your Online Banking website, so you have access to them anywhere you need them.
  • Prior Statements- Prior Electronic Statements will be available for up to 18 months on your Online Banking website.
  • Environmentally Friendly- The reduction in paper makes Electronic Statements far friendlier to the environment. 
Are Electronic Statements protected?

Electronic Statements are located within our highly secure Online Banking website. You will need a USER ID and PASSWORD to access the Online Banking website. This makes Electronic Statements even more secure than traditional paper statements.

Will I receive my paper statements?

With E-Statements, your paper statements become obsolete, so you will no longer receive them through the U.S. Mail. Should you need a paper copy, E-Statements can be printed right from your computer.

How do I enroll my accounts to begin receiving Electronic Statements?

Within Online Banking, choose your account and you will see an icon called “Electronic Statements”.  Click on the “Electronic Statements” icon and follow the instructions to begin receiving your statements electronically.


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