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Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Prove it’s You with Two

Every October, we recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The purpose of this annual event is to help remind everyone to protect themselves online as technology and digital threats evolve.

This week we will discuss Multifactor Authentication.

It goes by many names: Two Factor Authentication. Multifactor Authentication. Two Step Factor Authentication. MFA. 2FA. They all mean the same thing: opting-into an extra step when trusted websites and applications ask you to confirm you’re really who you say you are.    

Your bank, your social media network, your school, your workplace…. they want to make sure you’re the one accessing your information.  

So, industry is taking a step to double check. Instead of asking you for just a password – which can be reused, more easily cracked, or stolen.

They can verify it’s you by asking for two forms of information:

·Something You Know

  • Like a PIN number or your sister’s middle name.

·Something You Have

  • Like an authentication application or a confirmation text on your phone.

·Something You Are

  • Like a fingerprint or FaceID.

That second step is a lot harder for a hacker to fake. 

So, Prove it’s You with Two … two steps, that is.  

Now that you know what it is, you’ll see prompts for multifactor authentication all over. So, opt-in. Start with your email account, then financial services, then social media accounts, then online stores, and don’t forget your gaming and streaming entertainment services!  

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.

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