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Driveup Windows to Close on Saturdays

Beginning January 1, 2023, Farmers State Bank will no longer have our Driveup windows in Mitchell or Parkston open on Saturday mornings.

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Cybersecurity - Strong Passwords

Pick STRONG PASSWORDS that hackers can't guess.

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Payment by gift card? It’s a scam!

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Cybersecurity - Tech Support Scams

Tech Support Scammers will pose as a technical support employee claiming that you have something wrong with your computer.

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Why Bank With Farmers State Bank

At Farmers State Bank our relationships with our customers are just as important as the quality of the products and services we offer. We do everything within our power to make your business with us as helpful, friendly, prompt and courteous as possible. At Farmers State Bank, when you call you will have a real person answer the phone and they will work with you to get your question(s) answered as quickly as possible. Since people appreciate doing business with people they like, we’re committed to treating our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. We want to make your banking experience a positive one.


On The Go

Farmers State Bank Gives You Freedom to Bank Anytime, Anywhere.  You'll have everything you need to manage your finances with your online bank account. Take advantage of a safe and secure way to check your account balances, remote deposit, pay bills and transfer funds.


Farmers State Bank offers a wide variety of loan products.  From consumer loans to Ag real estate financing, we offer many products to fit our customer’s needs – more loan options, more guidance and more understanding.

Debit Cards

Most checkbooks can only do one thing - checking.  Our Debit card does this and much more.  Our Debit card gives you a fast and convenient way to buy products and services you need.

Mortgages/ Home Loans

Farmers State Bank is pleased to be able to offer secondary market lending options. Whether you are looking at: purchasing a home, refinancing for a better rate, or using the equity in your current home, contact us to see how we can assist you.


How Do I Enroll for Online Banking?

To enroll for Online Banking, you can stop in and see one of our Online Banking Employees or you can enroll online.

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How do I enroll for Bill Pay?

Within your Internet Banking account, you will see a tab called “Bill Pay”.  Click on the “Bill Pay” tab and follow the instructions to begin your Bill Pay experience.

How do I Enroll for Remote Deposit Anywhere?

To sign up for the Remote Deposit Anywhere you can either send us an email or contact us at any of our four locations and let us know you would like to activate this service.

Where Can I Download the App?

You can download the FSBMobile app for the iPhone on Apple’s App Store or if you have an Android phone you can go to Google Play. You can also use either of the buttons below.

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